Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Diamonds

Q :What type of diamonds and jewelry do you buy ?
A : We buy all kinds of jewelry including engagement rings, wedding rings, antique rings, and estate jewelry. We buy diamonds from quarter carat and higher. We specialize in buying large diamonds, but we possess the knowledge, ability, and resources to evaluate and purchase diamonds of all types.
Q :Is it safe to send you my valuable jewelry and diamonds ?
A :We receive all of our shipments through FedEx. We then open your entire package on video. You can request a copy of this video within five working days.
Q :Are diamonds worth more if they are certified ?
A :There are a number of companies that certify diamonds. GIA adheres to the strictest standard in the industry and is recognized worldwide. The information they provide is most accurate. Therefore, we pay the highest price for the GIA certified diamonds. The next tier of labs is EGL USA and IGI, who are slightly lenient in grading their diamonds, and are therefore valued a little less than GIA certified diamonds.
Q :Can you certify my diamonds ?
A :Of course! You can always set up an appointment to come in and have your jewelry appraised and/or sold to us. You can find directions on our contact page, or you can give us a call at 713 – 586 – 5463 .
Q :Do my diamonds have to be certified for you to buy them from me ?
A : Our diamond specialist can look at non certified diamonds and give you the highest price possible.
Q : If I decide not to sell you my jewelry, how do I get it back from you ?
A : If you change your mind, we will be happy to send the jewelry back to you. E-mail your request and we will send the jewelry back to you, fully secured.
Q :What determines the value of my diamonds ?
A :When we evaluate your diamond for purchase, a variety of factors are considered. Our expert diamond buyer will look at the color, clarity, shape, cut and carat weight. We look at the current market price and compare the diamond to what is available at the dealer marketplace. The process takes about 30 minutes. We make you an offer, and upon your approval we pay you via check, cash, or wire transfer.
Q : What determines the value of my jewelry ?
A :Jewelry has two components: gold and diamonds. With record-high gold prices, you can get the best value for your gold. We begin by testing your jewelry’s gold for its carat weight, and compare this with its actual weight and its value for that day. We proceed by calculating the diamond weight, color, clarity, shape, cut, and carat weight. Then, we consider condition. Vintage, designer, or signed pieces are valued much higher. With these factors combined, we’re able make you an offer.